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How We Love Beer (The Session no.72)

The Session is a monthly event for the beer blogging community, started by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer. On the first Friday of each month, all participating bloggers write about a predetermined topic. Each month a different blog is chosen to host The Session, choose the topic, and post a roundup of all the responses received. For more info on The Session, check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin’s archive page.

Logo of The Session, Beer Blogging FridayThis month’s Session is hosted by Ryan Newhouse of the blog Montana Beer Finder. His chosen topic: How We Love Beer.

“….I’m curious to hear what you beer lovers do to show appreciation for good craft beer.

Perhaps it’s that you buy a case of your favorite seasonal and share it with others every chance you get, or you commit yourself to only drinking that beer until it’s gone. Perhaps whenever you travel to a new place, you seek out as many local beers as you can instead of finding your favorites. Perhaps you don’t even buy bottled beer, but instead fill your growlers and drink at local taprooms. Perhaps our writing and blogging about beer shows how we love beer.”

Banner images of many bottles of beer and 2 beer glasses

I love beer. Yes, I do really love beer. All styles, colours, shapes, sizes, prices, spices, weisses, vices. But…what is love and what is addiction?

I drink beer often, in many places and on many bases. I go out of my way to find new shops and bars that sell new beers. I will taste any and every beer that falls my way, regardless of style/owner/production, and then provide my honest opinion about it (in context, hopefully!), because I just love exploring the fascinating world of beer.

I allow beer to burn significant holes in my credit card. Is it love when you pay too much for what you want?

Yes, I share it.

I untappd it, instagram it, tweet it, facebook it, tumblr it, blog it…yes, I over-share it on social media!

I over-share because I desire for others to discover what is good about beer. I want to help readers and followers see why their established perceptions of mass-produced swill as “beer” desperately needs new perspective.

My blog and my beer writing grew out of a love for helping people find the information about beer that I could not find. I write to educate, I educate by sharing my love for beer.

Sometimes I share it out loud, but there are also times that I just want to love a beer alone. Sometimes I’d prefer to take a great beer to a quiet dark corner, where I can be in my own space and get lost in the mind-space and thoughts that arise from beer drinking pleasure.

But all of this it is not love. Is it? Not really. It is a combination of curious fascination, obsession and personality. Sometimes it’s lust, sometimes it’s social. Most of the time it’s just me being me.

How I love beer is much more simple. How I love beer is not really about beer at all.

I love beer by sharing every beer with my best friend and beer drinking buddy…my wife.

When I buy a new beer to try, I either buy a second bottle for Jenn or I share half my bottle with her. When we are out at a bar, we share our drinks, thoughts, experiences and expenses. I have the higher income, so I’ll often contribute more to her beers. Nonetheless, she does exactly the same for me whenever she can. It is very much a two-way thing, and that is what I know as love.

Jenn, James and Gem with beer in hand pose at a beer event in 2011

Beer love and good social beer times… (L-R) Jenn & James with bonus Gem!

Neither of us were craft beer drinkers when we met. Both of us have been on the same beer journey ever since the delights of good beer really captured us at places like Holgate Brewhouse and the Mountain Goat Brewery.

These days our weekends, holidays, leisure, adventures and social events are often motivated by beer destinations. So much so that, as soon as I have finished this post we are off on another weekend getaway to discover a new region of Victorian beer.

This afternoon we head to Geelong (an hour or so south-west of Melbourne) to attend the first Geelong Great Australian Beer Festival tomorrow. While we are they we’ll be popping into the well-regarded local beer bar, Odyssey Tavern & Brewery. It’s what we do as a couple, because we’re in love…and beer is something we love to share.

Tired looking Jenn and James hold beers and The Local Taphouse GABS event

Frazzled by 2 big days of beer love at The Local Tahpouse GABS 2012…but still going strong!

For us, beer is fun together. You’ll always find us side-by-side during beer events or when visiting breweries and beer bars.

Our special occasions are always celebrated with a special beer. On our wedding anniversary (we’ve had 2 so far and both have been spent at or next to a craft brewery) we crack the previous year’s vintage of Holgate’s Beelzebub’s Jewels, a 12% abv quad that sparkles red like love. On Jenn’s birthday we drink a beer from the Women of Beer. On my birthday we drink something huge and amazing from Mikkeller or Bridge Road Brewers. On the anniversary of buying our house…we drink many very special and very limited big beers whilst eating the finest of cheese and playing Trivia Pursuit.

Combined -  us and beer – we have had many happy moments and wonderful experiences. All of it has been enhanced by the growing realisation that such simple moments can be the best, and it’s nice to have a beer with that.

Mushy? Yes. Beery? Definitely. Fun? Of course! Love …it is for us.

An upward view of two snifter glasses full of bright red Holgate's Beelzebub's Jewels, an oak aged Belgian style Quadrupel beer

Our wedding anniversary beer, Holgate’s Beelzebub’s Jewels, an oak aged Belgian style Quadrupel

In summary, here’s a quote tweeted by Australian Brews News Editor, Matt Kirkegaard, last night…which just says it all:

“Sometimes, the most memorable beer is the one that you barely notice as you enjoy the company of the people you are with.”

Cheers to that!

4 thoughts on “How We Love Beer (The Session no.72)

  1. A great contribution to this month’s collection! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the fact that beer isn’t just something to love … it’s something to love with others.

    Cheers to you and Jenn!

  2. Same here with my Haybag, although she has been on the 9-month injury list (pregnancy). It will be good to have her back to sharing everything (even if we’re not always in agreement).

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